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Grey Area offers a captivating exploration of the intricate relationship between

modern society and the objects that shape our existence.

The artwork features minimalist shades of grey, with occasional bursts of vibrant red,

which invites viewers to question and contemplate their place within it.

This collection encourages you to peel back the layers of conformity and self-restraint that subtly shape our lives.

Each artwork is accompanied by a poem that adds an extra layer of depth and significance to the entire collection.

This exhibition invites viewers to reflect not only on the art before them

but also on their own lives and the complex world they navigate.

Welcome to Grey Area, where contemplation and creativity merge into a single space.

The Exhibition

Grey Area, London, UK - 03/03/23

"Engage your eyes engage your mind"

Illustrations & Poetry

To explain my work, visual art is perhaps the best tool. As you browse through, take some time to immerse yourself in the imagery and poetic caption, and try to understand the deeper meaning of the subject matter.

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